I am an avid learner. I am not skilled at any one thing. I simply enjoy reading, writing, and finding creative spaces in which to exist. I began this YouTube channel a few years ago to create videos for my students. I didn’t have any real roadmap. I sort of wandered. And the wandering has been relaxing and truly a lot of fun.

As with my website, allcrj.com, this channel is an all-purpose space for my creativity.

I hope to add film reviews, photo montages, and perhaps even a podcast. Once I figure out what one is and why I need one.

Now, how about an introduction to my videos? As this site is dedicated to the pursuit of learning, in as creative a way as possible, let’s start with the steps in the writing process. Oh, and guess what? You have to read the video in order to understand the steps. I know, I know, I can be sneaky when I want to!

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