My nom de plume is BJ Marshall.

I live on the East Coast of the United States with my service dog Cuiléin.

I am a creative person who decided, one day, to write a romance novel. I was in my early twenties and had not quite found my writing voice. This, despite the fact that I had been writing poems and short stories since I was a child.

Be that as it may, I did my best to write my first romance novel, Out of the Shadows. I encourage you to read it, particularly if you want to see how a person’s writing voice can change. I didn’t finish writing the book until I was forty-four years old and decided to add finishing the book to my bucket list. While it may still need polishing, I am immensely proud of the work I have done.

After completing this novel, I wrote four more: Into the Light, Somebody’s Calling My Name, The Bright Side of Dark, and Not Without You. The novels should be read in that order as old characters appear in new books. You are, of course, welcome to read them in any order.

Feel free to contact me re: my novels and/or my writing process:

Of course, you can also contact me using this site’s email address:

Wishing you all the best that life has to offer.

Please, do the thing you are afraid of doing.



BJ Marshall


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