The de Laisser, Ravenscar, and Santiago Series

Out of the Shadows

Lucien de Laisser kept watch. For she was out there. An innocent young woman who was oblivious to the power she held, ignorant of the danger she was in, and unaware that eyes were watching. De Laisser knew. Knew that he had to get to her before someone else did, because he wasn’t the only one keeping watch in the shadows.

Into the Light

He was a hard man. He was in deep, and he knew that if he didn’t pull out soon, he wouldn’t be able to.


He sat back on his haunches and gave the lock a long, steady stare. Maybe the lock heard his thoughts, because it clicked, and the door slowly began to open.

Then, he saw the barrel of a 9 mil, attached to an arm covered entirely in black. He didn’t give his visitor any time to think, he grabbed the arm at the wrist, pulled the body attached to it into the cell and executed an Aikido move. He found himself on top of a body covered from head to toe in black and the scent was one he hadn’t smelled since this assignment began. A woman. By the time he identified the soft, sweet smell of the fairer sex, he was flat on his back with the 9 mil in his face.

“Ah babe, once again, I’ve got to pull your pretty French ass out of the proverbial fire.”

Somebody’s Calling My Name

As the sounds of the ceremony wafted towards the back of the church, the man standing silently by the doors allowed his gaze to leave the loving couple and look at the guests assembled for the happy event. He was surprised when he walked into the church that the entire damn building didn’t go up in flames. Lord knew he’d committed enough sins in his lifetime to bring the wrath of Heaven down upon him. When his eyes moved back to the couple, they were kissing. Apparently, he’d missed the rest of the ceremony.

As he walked to his unmarked car, he spared a thought for Max and Casey. He was glad they had finally found their way back to each other. They deserved some happiness, some joy, after the hell they had been through.

He got in the car and before pulling away, he opened the envelope Luc had left on the front seat. His last assignment from de Laisser. Three pictures fell out and Ravenscar froze. Little had he known that when he told Luc someone was still calling his name, de Laisser would know where the call came from. He looked back down at the pictures. Three people, three betrayals. Three scores to settle. He would start with the girl.

The Bright Side of Dark

Lije Ravenscar would wait until Hell froze over and Heaven burned as long as she agreed to come with him.

Sachie wanted, perhaps more than he did, to finish what they had started long ago. She feared, however, that it would completely destroy her. Against her better judgment, she got in the car.

With the promise of one hell of a wild ride in his eyes, Elijah Alexander Ravenscar drove away.

If there had been a chance in hell she’d believe him, he’d have told her he had his heart by his side. He was bound and determined to make sure it beat again.

For him.

Not Without You

She was everything he ever wanted. And everything he couldn’t have. Hell, if he could have, he’d make love to her. In public. Right now.

She raised her hands to his face, and he didn’t move an inch as she removed his sunglasses.

He gently touched her hand and felt a small shiver run through her.

“Eliana, would you rather work this case with another agent? Maybe we’re too close to each…”

She turned his hand over in hers and looked straight into his eyes.

“No Santiago, I wouldn’t. I can work this case. Work it well. But not without you.”


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