Book 3 of 6: Just Beyond the Horizon: The de Laisser, Ravenscar, Santiago Series

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Sebastian Ravenscar was a surprise. He first appeared in my second novel, Into the Light. He literally just showed up.

And it was a challenge to write his story because he had done things that could be considered “beyond the pale.” Yet, in novels such as these, we often need a Byronic hero. Sebastian fits the bill, tortured as he is by what he does. By what he has become.

I had no idea, however, that Hannah, the female protagonist, would be as soft and gentle as she was. I used a bit of my own background, writing her as a person who could understand torment because of her credentials. As a clinical psychologist with an MS in Forensic Psychology, she provided context for the story. In doing so, her belief that “the blessing is in the battle,” was one of the ways I redeemed Sebastian’s character.

That is not to say that there is no romance in the novel. It’s a soft romance, based on a couple’s ability to overcome obstacles. To forge ahead. To change.

And yet, it’s the villains, IMHO, who give the story its cachet. Okay, that’s a bit arrogant, but still…

Olivia Musca and Antonin Dufaci are the dark reflection of Sebastian and Hannah. They represent what happens when a relationship is based on taking, not giving.

And I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I had a blast writing these two characters. I am not sure what that says about me, and I am not going to try to analyze it to death. Yet, every word the characters said, dripping, in Olivia’s case, with venom, just flowed from my brain to the page.

I loved writing this book.


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