Slide left

Slide right

slide, slide

Past the narrative

the characters

the mysteries that they hide.

This one’s not handsome

not pretty

not fair

There’s nothing to do

except read what’s there.

Pages and Pages

of letters, grammar, and drama

(And for the faint of heart, Oxford Commas.)

I’ve not much time to find what I need.

Books that take hours, Lord hours to read.

I want pleasure and love,

fleeting though they may be.

Please, please, please swipe on me!


They’d have to read my bio? My face?

What I like, dislike?

My favorite place?

Don’t be quick, don’t be rash.

Read more than just that.

For I’ve had many lives

(No, I’m not a cat.)

Things I can tell you.

Things I can show.

So much about me you really should know.

Stop! This is not love’s way.

This cannot be it.

So, I think I’ll put my phone down a bit.

Close the app, not to nap,

but to spend a night

With a book, take a look

turn the pages right, right

Or left if you prefer.

By the shimmering light

Of a candle,

go bold – be old school

Be enchanted, be frightened

positively drool

Over villains, heroes

court jesters and fools

locations enchanting


yet brimming with light

In a book, take a look

Curl up for a night

With a glass of wine

because it is still a date.


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