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This is the last book in what I call the de Laisser, Ravenscar, Santiago series (seriously, if you want to read them all, in September of 2023, you will be able to purchase Just Beyond the Horizon, the complete collection.)
Santiago and Eliana’s story is a short novella.  They were two characters in the epilogue of The Bright Side of Dark. They made no impression on me at all until I wrote the page and a half scene where their passion simmers. Or smolders. Take your pick. Or be neologistic and combine the words: simmoulder.
I knew the entire series would come to an end with their story.

Writers believe in their stories and their characters. They’re our family members, our friends, and sometimes our enemies. And believe it or not, we don’t control them as much as you would think. 
How can I say this given that I am not a famous, wealthy author? Um, buy my books, let’s make that happen!
Sorry, every once in a while, I digress.
I think anyone who tries to write is a writer. Maybe not a great one, or even a good one, but one who tries. In everything, in all things, that counts for a great deal.
What does this have to do with Santiago and Eliana? Everything. They made me happy as a couple and they fit seamlessly into the lives of the characters from my other books. 
The backstories for both are almost non-existent. Each of them exists, in this novel, as a blank canvas on which I wrote the afore-mentioned good-bye to the series. A series I started almost thirty years ago as of this writing. 
The story focuses on two things in addition to the romance: anger spurred on by jealousy and to a lesser (or greater extent depending on your point of view), on frustration. Frustration with systems that are broken and the people that are broken by them.
Neither main character in this book was broken. They survived on their own and grew stronger together.
I will miss my characters, all of them, but I am grateful to have met them.
I hope you will be too.


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