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I am a lifelong learner and occasional teacher. I am passionate about so many things; however, this site is dedicated to my biggest loves: film, photography, and writing.

When I was much, much younger, there were six television stations in the country, all of which went off the air at midnight. One of them, however, did something glorious every weekday afternoon: they broadcast films. Each week was dedicated to a different genre, and I enjoyed watching them all.

Something very interesting happened as a result. I found out that many films were based on books and the stories they told were not always the same. The lines of truth were blurred in the name of creativity, history wasn’t always historically correct, and well, happy endings weren’t always guaranteed.

I loved every minute of scouring the card catalog trying to find more information on films I watched. Little did I know that I was also sharpening my critical thinking skills via the moving image. I already loved to read and now, the marriage of the visual medium with the texts upon which the films were based, gave me entrée into a whole new world.

I hope this site, with its odes to film and, I must be honest, my own attempts at creating stories with pen and with camera, instills in you the same love of learning I was able to nourish.

And if not, let me know, for it’s in the exchange of ideas that meaning, and more importantly, understanding, is born.



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